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Jewellery Care Guide

Show some love

All the items in my collection are made from 925 Sterling Silver or Silver/Brass plated in a 18 carat Gold layer. This makes all pieces durable and a budget friendly alternative to solid Gold jewellery.

If you show some love and take care of your jewellery the shine and gold plating will last for a long time. The below text is a guideline on how to keep your pieces looking great.

Be careful wearing your jewellery to the gym, in the pool, ocean or in the shower. This will not do immediate visible damage but it can deteriorate the gold layer over a longer period of time, especially where the jewellery is in contact with your skin. 

Harsh cleaning products can also do damage to any material and make gemstones lose their shine or damage the layer of gold and turn your jewellery silver or brass coloured. Products such as perfume, bleach, nail polish remover and alcohol hand sanitiser will damage most materials when used frequently. It's best to keep these products away from any jewellery that you own.

When not wearing your pieces for a longer period of time make sure you store items in a safe area, away from direct sunlight and moisture. If any discolouration appears after storing your items due to the natural process of oxidation simply polish them with a (silver)cloth.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver (S925 stamp) is nickel free and hypoallergenic making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. Sterling Silver is a soft material meaning your jewellery can slightly bend when handled too roughly, simply bend the material back in place gently if you ever have issues closing your earrings.

With time and wear Silver can tarnish and turn dark due to the natural process of oxidation, especially when not being worn and left out in the open. Simply polish them with a silver polishing cloth to restore their original shine and keep items stored away when not in use and out of direct daylight and humidity. 

Gold Plated

By taking care of your Gold Plated jewellery the Gold layer will remain for a long time. If you do decide to wear your items daily, whilst sleeping, sports and swimming you might see some discolouration taking place where the jewellery is in contact with your skin after several months of wear. This is expected as extensive wear and tear can rub off the layer of gold, exposing the material underneath (silver/brass). By following the below care instructions you will be able to enjoy your pieces for longer.

  • Handle with care

  • Store separate to avoid tangling and scratching

  • Store away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place

  • Store in a jewellery box, pouch or sealed plastic bag if not in use to avoid oxidation and tarnishing
  • Clean with a soft cloth

  • Add jewellery last when getting dressed to avoid perfume/sprays/body oils

  • Wear with love


  • Spray with perfume, hairspray or any spray containing alcohol

  • Wear while working out

  • Wear whilst swimming, especially in salt water

Nadine Pieces is not responsible for any damage to your items due to unfair use such as frequent swimming or use of chemicals. All Nadine Pieces jewellery items have a 2 month defect coverage from the date of purchase covering manufacturing defects. This does not cover accidental damage or misuse.

If there is an issue with your item feel free to email me at info@nadinepieces.com



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